North Dakota has had only two contestants place in the national finals since the program began in the late 1930s. In March 1951, a new building was dedicated on the corner of 3rd Street and Rosser Avenue. This structure served as the post home and provided the best club facilities in the state for many years. It remained the headquarters for Post #1 for the next 43 years. However, in 1994, it became obvious that it was necessary to downsize the Post I club Title Loans Maddock North Dakota operations. So planning was initiated to sell the building and to relocate the post and club operations to a smaller site where facilities can be maintained on a cost-effective basis. From that base, Post I will continue to fulfill the purposes of The American Legion. Karl Riedel was the last man of the World War I veterans and he was presented the “last man award,” a bottle of spirits, on Nov. 11, 1994, which also happened to be Karl’s 101st birthday.

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The Pisek Legionnaires praise and thank their Auxiliary ladies for their continued assistance to the post and their services to active duty service members, veterans, youth programs and the community. The American Legion Auxiliary Novotny Unit No. 208 operated at Pisek, ND from 1921 to 1933. It then disbanded and was reorganized in 1957 as the American Legion Auxiliary Novotny-Kachena Unit 208. An active, helpful unit, the Pisek American Legion Auxiliary was of much assistance to the Pisek men and women in the service, the veterans at home, and the American Red Cross. Among other things, the members made scores of neck coolers, knitted innumerable socks, mittens, mufflers, and caps and supplied many beautifully knitted sweaters. They raised money by having bake sales, bingo parties, selling lunch at Legion dances and selling a cookbook.

We added 20 feet on the south and west of the building, with a basement under the whole addition. This gave us restrooms upstairs that we did not have before and a larger entry, a larger meeting and banquet room and a whole new kitchen with oak cabinets built by a local cabinet maker. We used the maple floor from the old Finley school after we had it stripped by a shop in Hope. The post at Findley has been very active through the years with its many programs and activities, also providing good support for community projects. Special programs have been presented on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, the latter of which in earlier years was known as Armistice Day. The post members have taken part in many parades in neighboring towns as well as at home and also at department conventions. At one time, a junior XGI Drill Team was formed as an added activity of the post. As in all small communities during these years, fundraising to support and promote Legion and community projects was very difficult.

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He was inducted at Hettinger, North Dakota on March 9, 1918. He served overseas in France from August 15, 1918 until his death from pneumonia on October 9, 1918. He was originally buried in France and returned to the United States on August 8, 1921 in buried at Ashley, North Dakota. The present Legion building in Killdeer was constructed in 1951. The mortgage burning ceremony was performed on October 15, 1963. In 1951, Post 46 sponsored the “Legion Follies of ’51” variety show that drew an enthusiastic audience of 600. One of the features, of the day’s event was the parade of the veterans in uniform. The badge issued to each veteran on that long-ago day was a white silk ribbon 2-1/2 inches wide and 8 inches long with a replica of the flag of the United States. They served lunches to the young men departing for military duty and later remembered them with cards and letters.

Most of these groups were provided the facilities at no charge. Thus the Legion has truly been a “full service” organization to the community. The regular meetings of the post were held in the Turtle Lake City Hall until 1955, when an extensive building project was undertaken by the post and a building was constructed. It contains a club room and a large auditorium, which has been used for many public functions as well as district Legion meetings.

He entered the United States Army at Fort Snelling, Minnesota on July 3, 1942. He was killed in action at Metz France on November 14, 1944. He was buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Fordville, North Dakota. William August Zich was born at Fall Creek, Wisconsin on April 2, 1888. He served overseas from May 3, 1918 until he was killed in action in France on September 28, 1918. Laverne Ulmer was born at Hazen, North Dakota on July 11, 1918.

Upon determining that there were enough members to organize their own unit, the Clifford members applied for a temporary charter on January 20, 1923. The Galesburg unit then became known as the American Legion Auxiliary, an affiliate of the Galesburg American Legion’s Sigvard B. Aasen Post 210. The project was completed and dedicated during the city of Hillsboro’s 125th Anniversary. When the State of North Dakota passed the law allowing charitable gaming, Post 210 decided to take part in this program. A program celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the founding of The American Legion was held in April of 1969 and special recognition was given to the World War I members. On February 13, 1947, the first woman member of the post, Beulah Webber, was introduced by Sidney Anderson. Later another woman, Cora Sundby, an army nurse, was enrolled into the post. On April 26, 1922, Post 209 was the recipient of the Certificate of Meritorious Service for passing its membership for 1921. Hobart L. Jones was born at Fargo, North Dakota in February 1897. He enlisted at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri on June 4, 1918.

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The post has awarded scholarships to International Music Camp for several years. Several students from Sargent Central are recipients each year and take part in both instrumental and vocal sessions at the Peace Garden. Contributions have been made by the Post to many community and school projects. In the spring of 1935, the Sons of The American Legion Squadron 37 organized at Williston, later disbanding when many members entered World War II military service. The squadron reorganized in 1990 with 40 charter members. Cuts in funding for the Veterans Administration were criticized by National Legion Commander Dale Renaud during his appearance at the 1986 convention.

Then for some time post meetings were held at the back of William Nunn’s Barber Shop. Lunches, furnished by different members, seemed to have consisted of fried chicken, bread, butter and pickles. The Bangen-Moen Post 119, initially the Samuel E. Hamilton Post 119, received its national organizational charter on December 23, 1919. The Carl Owen Post 117, initially the Kindred Post 117, received its national organizational charter on December 23, 1919. On July 28, 1975 the Post renamed itself the Carl Owen Post 117.

  • It contains a club room and a large auditorium, which has been used for many public functions as well as district Legion meetings.
  • After coming there, you should also wait when you can fill out the form.
  • One of the features, of the day’s event was the parade of the veterans in uniform.
  • He served in several offensive and defensive battles before he was killed in action.
  • Elmer Bear was born at Elbowoods, North Dakota on June 13, 1927.
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It was about this time that the Knights of Pythias Lodge got ownership of the building. We then held our meetings in different places in town, mostly at the City Library which adjoined the Fire Hall. For the 36 years between dedication in 1958 and The American Legion’s 75th anniversary in 1994, Garrison’s American Legion clubrooms and meeting facilities have served the post and community very well. The 50’x80′ structure includes a 25’x60′ meeting room, lounge, modern kitchen and store room on the main floor and a full basement. In addition to Legion and Auxiliary events, this building is used frequently by other groups for local and area activities. During the past two decades, the post’s membership has ranged between 145 and 170.

The Post reorganized as the Bangen-Moen Post 119 and received its second national charter on July 13, 1945. The Kindred post decided to use some of the charitable gaming proceeds to erect a monument honoring area veterans. This monument is located in the Kindred city park, just north of the Veterans Memorial Building. The Kindred post has always supported a very active recreation program. For many years, it has sponsored American Legion baseball, a rifle club and a summer recreation program.

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